Crossfit Reva & EFHURT Branding and Logos

My good friend and coach, Matt Reynolds, owner and operator of  Crossfit Reva asked me to help them re-brand their gym. Over the last year, there have been some big changes and growth to his business and he felt it was time to rebrand Reva to reflect this new direction. For this logo, Matt wanted to focus on the letter "R", he liked the idea of a varsity feel, which encourages teamwork and camaraderie. He was also drawn to the look of the Vuarnet brand - a sports clothing line we all remember from the '90s. Here were some of the early concepts:

Crossfit Reva Logo - Early Explorations

Eventually, after many iterations, we decided to keep the look very clean and used a bold serif for the font. Although he liked the distressed look of some of the initial designs, we both decided a cleaner look would promote clarity and strength to his brand. Here is the final logo:

Crossfit Reva - Final Logo

Matt was also developing and rolling out a new strength and conditioning program that was being trademarked as "EFHURT", which is an acronym for the 6 daily themes of this training program: Effort, Force, High Performance, Utilization, Revive and Tension. This training program is challenging and will push any athlete to there breaking point. Matt wanted to encapsulate the feeling of raw grit and hard work in the logo.

In our early discussions, Matt was attached to an image of the surrender flag atop a mountain. But quickly, I realized this image was much too complicated and moved into simpler, more memorable symbols 

Here are some of the early samples:

EFHURT - Early Sketches

EFHURT - Early Designs

After a few iterations, we eventually decided to keep the idea of mountains with 3 triangle shapes. But we scrapped the surrender flag as it did not quite connect to the emotion of strength and perseverance. I kept the font on an angle to push the dynamic feeling of the brand. Adding some distress to these shapes indicated the grit and hard work Matt wanted to communicate with his brand. 

Final EFHURT Logo Design

The two brands are distinct from one another, but they also exist together within Matt's business model. They are tied together through colour and look great when side by side. Here is a look at the styleguide:

Crossfit REVA - EFHURT - Styleguide

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