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Welcome to our Animation and Explainer Videos Portfolio! This is where you can find in depth case studies on our client and personal projects.

  • North Niagara Federation of Agriculture

    Like many communities, the North Niagara Federation of Agriculture was struggling to emphasize their values. They approached us with a goal to communicate the importance of shopping local when it comes to sourcing fresh products - an impact not only affecting the farm communities, but also to Niagara as a whole. Read on to learn how our video helped them spread the word.
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  • The Impact of Airborne Particles

    The Deadly Impact of Airborne Particles is a low poly 3D style animation we created with Bruce Lanphear as part of the "Little Things Matter" Video series.
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  • Motion Corpse Motion Design Collaboration

    Motion Corpse is a collaborative motion design game played anonymously online. It is successfully run by 3 awesome motion designers: Nol Honig, Frank Suarez and Jesper Bolther. Each video is a collection of 5 animators work. I've had 2 opportunities to participate in this project and had a great experience collaborating.
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  • AllerGen

    The Allergy, Genes and Environment Network (or AllerGen) is a national research network funded by Industry Canada through the Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program. I was excited when they approached me to help explain one of these studies and engage a broad audience of investors, doctors, researchers, patients and the general public.
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  • StrataHealth

    ​We had a great time working with StrataHealth to create this Explainer Video for software they are developing. Strata PathWays™ automates patient flow management, reducing time spent on manual transition processes, increasing clinician intercommunication and strengthening health care system performance across the care continuum.​​ But why not watch a fun Whiteboard Animation to help you understand this even further.
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  • eHealth Ontario

    eHealth Ontario was looking for a new and fresh way to tell the story of what they do to ease communication within Ontario's healthcare and we were thrilled when they approached us for a whiteboard video.
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  • FITC Web Unleashed 2014 - Promotional Video

    A short animated video to showcase the major sponsors and speakers who would be presenting at FITC Web Unleashed conference, September 17-18 Toronto FITC Web Unleashed 2014 from Sandra Tournemille on Vimeo . Client: FITC - Animation/Direction: Sandra Tournemille Music: Maxong "Life in Motion"
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  • St Catharines State of the City Video 2013

    We created this 3 minute video for the annual Mayoral State of the City address of St. Catharines. This video is a stylized walk through of the city highlights both private and public business investments within the city. The 3D map was created in 3D Studio Max and the text overlays were composited in After Effects. This unique video was showcased at the mayoral address and then posted on the St Catharines website to promote awareness of d...
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  • Squamish Music Festival - 3D Map

    A 3D Map illustration to guide ticket holders through the festival space. Final illustrations are used on websites, posters, brochures and large on-site signage. Client:  Live Nation Director/Illustrator: Sandra Tournemille
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  • Patient Order Sets - Whiteboard Video

    We learned a great deal about the medical industry as we worked closely with Patient Order Sets to explain their product. Patient order sets is a software used in hospitals, clinics and long-term care centres to address patient safety and high healthcare costs. We offered the solution of whiteboard style animation to effectively engage auditory and visual senses with the audience. There was a great deal of information to explain for this p...
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  • United Way Campaign 2013

    United Way approached us in the spring of 2013 to create a whiteboard video for their campaign. Not only was the message upbeat and motivating, it was also an opportunity to draw a variety of characters which is always fun and appealing. The whiteboard style was successful in so many ways for this project. This is an excellent example of how revealing the hand drawn characters is a great way to bring personality and a human element into a ...
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  • GuestServe Promotional Video

    Guestserve Reservation Software is a cloud-based reservation system designed for small to large businesses to manage customer reservations. Their easy to use, subscription based model required a friendly and simple explanation. We suggested creating a character to illustrate their customer’s pain points in order to add personality and appeal to their brand. Client:  GuestServe Direction/Animation: Sandra Tournemille
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