Motion Corpse Motion Design Collaboration

Motion Corpse is a collaborative motion design game played anonymously online. It is successfully run by 3 awesome motion designers: Nol Honig, Frank Suarez and Jesper Bolther. Each video is a collection of 5 animators work. Each animator is assigned 5 seconds of animation and is given a colour pallette, a sound track and the final frame of the previous animator's 5 seconds. Essentially you are animating without knowing what other animators are creating - the final result is 30 seconds of animation delight!

So far I have had 2 opportunities to participate in this project and had a great experience collaborating. The motion design industry is incredibly supportive and open to help animators get better at their craft - and the Motion Corpse project is just one example. 

You can see all the Motion Corpse projects over on Vimeo or follow them on tumblr

Here are the 2 collaborations I've been a part of - Motion Corpse No. 6 and No. 12

Motion Corpse No. 6 from Motion Corpse on Vimeo.

Motion Corpse No. 12 from Motion Corpse on Vimeo.

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