Posted Aug 15th, 2012

Life is getting pretty crazy around the studio lately, but not so much that I can’t share a few cool links from the internets.  I’ve categorized them for your viewing convenience…

 Events: Had a great time at the Toronto Geek Girls meet up this past Monday.  This was my first attendance to this meet up and I was really impressed by their level of organization, thoughtful topics and their hospitality.  The topic for this meet up was everything Adventures in Arduino which is a whole world of technical geekery that I had no idea existed.  It was a fascinating topic and I look forward to many more outings to this meet up.  Great group of creative folks and fantastic topics!  Can’t you just tell how much fun we had by this pic: 

Interviews:  I’m catching up on these contemporary illustrators I love the illustration friday website!  Every week they have a topic that artists can illustrate and then share with the community. A fantastic place to find motivation to draw and create.
Awesome Freebies:  I came across last week while I was digging around for some free web graphics.  A fantastic site if you need some vector or pixel art in a pinch.
Cool 3D Stuff: I can’t wait to try this out A maxScript that generate cobweb effects over 3D objects.  Check out the images of what artists have created, this Alladin lamp is my favourite!  There are also a few interesting tutorials available here.  I’ll be using this one  about importing vectors into 3DsMax very soon.

Learning:  I got a ton out of this presentation by Mike Alderson of Man vs. Machine.  Some excellent insight into making a big creative pitch.  These guys are the pros and the work they put out is absolute genious.

Man vs Machine from Glug Events on Vimeo.

Music: Can’t seem to get enough of the new Beirut album. They put me in a trance every time I listen to them…My current repeat play is for RipTide.  Gorgeous music and video as well

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