Sometimes words are not enough.

Image Propellor Studios Services

Are you buried in the details?

You live in a complex world - layered with research data, industry jargon, and so many important details. Which is why you need some visual tools such as animation or illustration to help you cut to the quick and stand out in your industry.

My clients are marketing professionals, event organisers,  business owners, scientists, engineers and researchers who have important and often life changing information to share with the world.

You’re an intelligent professional who wants to bring your message to the people who need it most. You don’t have time or energy to explain your story even one more time.

Image Propeller offers services in 2 main areas

Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer videos are our signature services. Our hand crafted videos use script, animation and voiceover to quickly explain a product or idea.

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3D Render Illustration

A custom 3D Render for your event or property will help your audience visualize all the details, building excitement and anticipation!

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Know exactly what you're looking for?

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