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Are you ready to rock your YouTube Channel and shake up the video world? 

You’ve got great ideas and content. You’ve managed to figure out the shooting video part...but now what?

While you know video is the best way to launch your product, grow your email list or establish your expertise... but is the whole process of getting that video edited and online making your head spin.

It’s your time to shine with video and I’m here to help you communicate your awesome brand in a way that’s unique and impactful  - and to do it in a way that’s stepped up from your DIY video editing. (Plus, let’s face it, you just don’t have time to learn the ropes of how to do it yourself.)

Say Goodbye to DIY Video Editing, & Hello to Pro Level Videos

Are you ready to say goodbye to DIY video editing, or sitting on raw video for months because you just don’t have the time or skills?

It’s time to get your videos out to your audience and I can help.

You shoot the video, I will do the rest. I will take over all the things that need to happen after you shoot the video and ensure your brand and personality shine through every second you are on screen.

Think of how your business would grow if…

  • You were able to publish weekly videos consistently and with ease (ie. no more ugly crying at 2am because it’s just not gonna get done. again.)
  • Your beautifully branded collection of videos were working for you 24/7 - targeting your audience and bringing in new leads, even while you sleep!
  • You could offload all the tech stress of your video process?
  • Best of all, you had the video content you need to establish yourself as the expert you are!

Video KickStart Bundle

This one time service will help you get past your YouTube procrastination and get those videos online.

Package includes:

  • Custom intro & outro logos and screens to use in all your future videos
  • Hand picked stock music to enhance your brand (including license and you get to choose from 3-5 tracks)
  • Up to 4 videos edited, optimized and uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive
Packages starting at $1250


Video PRO Package

Kick it up a notch with some additional graphics, animations and a strong foundation to keep your channel buttoned up and looking professional!

Package Includes:

  • Everything offered in the Video KickStart Bundle PLUS...
  • Overlay text and animated graphics/screens throughout your video to accentuate important points in your video (up to 5 per video)
  • Caption files (.srt) for YouTube & Facebook

Packages Starting at $1625

Premium Social Reach Package

You’ve got your YouTube presence up and running - way to go superstar! Now it’s time to go all in with extra promotional assets for emails and FB - you are going to really impress your audience with this one!

Package Includes:

  • Everything offered in Video KickStart Bundle & Video Next Level PLUS...
  • 2 Animated GIFs for email sharing
  • 2 Teaser Videos (up to 30 seconds long) for social media sharing on platforms of your choice (FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Custom Brand Style Guide to help your video channel look professional and cohesive
  • Up to 2 Audio Files to share as a podcast or blog post

Packages Starting at $2480


Got a project that requires a custom package? No problem! Contact me directly for more info.

Our Clients

Image Propellor Studios | Our Clients
Image Propellor Studios | Our Clients
Image Propellor Studios | Our Clients
Image Propellor Studios | Our Clients
Image Propellor Studios | Our Clients

When we work together, you’ll have what you need to succeed with video.

You’ll achieve:
  • Increased awareness and trust of your brand
  • Beautiful, cohesive video library custom to your brand that establish your expertise
  • Stress free video post production process - spend less time dealing with that hovering grey cloud of overwhelm and more time on the parts you love
  • All the support and encouragement you need with a video pro in your corner

  • I partnered with Sandra a few months ago on a project for a client. I hired her to help uplevel my client's YouTube Channel and re-brand his intro and outro imaging. Sandra exceeded my expectations, as not only did I get fabulously branded video imaging, but, marketing and production insights that helped us create a whole new concept for his entire channel and strategic marketing plan moving forward. When I hired Sandra, I expected a video production specialist. What I got was even more, as she is now a professional partner to whom I've come to depend on for all my video production needs.Her expertise is evident throughout the entire process, and her ability to look beyond the current project is a breathe of fresh air. Hands down the best experience I've ever had.
    Lysa Greer | Fresh Take Productions | Digital Producer

  • Working with Sandra and Image Propeller Studios was a game-changer for the online course I launched recently. The graphics and music Sandra created captured the tone and style I was going for to a tee, and her encouragement along the way really allowed me to get comfortable on video and do better and better work, which resulted in a better outcome for the students in my course. I also really appreciated the clarity of how the project was managed. I always knew where we were, what my responsibilities were, what Sandra was working on. I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra's services, and look forward to working with her again in future to create polished, professional videos that get my style and message across perfectly.
    Ariane Trélaün | Pricing Ninja & Business Witch at Do Your Thing


Hi, I’m Sandra

I’ve been working with animation and video for over 15 years - first in the video game industry and now as a solopreneur. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients and projects to help communicate story and message through online video.

I’m all about the details when it comes to my craft. And I love tedious tasks that make most people cringe. (I know, right?!? But that’s a good thing because I can take video editing off your plate!)

I could park myself for hours in front of my computer wading through mountains of footage to find just the right combination of shots to edit. Or learning new workflows with animation techniques so I can be even more productive. I love simplifying the over complicated stuff and that includes working with my clients to get to the essence of their brand and message.

I help business owners use video to support their brand’s growth. I love the parts of the process that you can’t bear to deal with, so what are you waiting for?

Let’s get your videos online so you can get to the next level of your business.

This service is for you if you:

  • Are ready to make an impact with videos, you have videos recorded, you are just unsure about the next step
  • Are already using video but ready to off load the time-intensive part of editing because it’s making you crazy
  • Know and understand your audience and how to speak to them
  • Have recorded content and/or you feel confident filming new content

This service is NOT for you if you:

  • Don’t have clear ideas or goals for your video content or a good idea of your audience and have no interest in following a video strategy
  • have no business branding guidelines in place and need the basics covered 
  • Don’t have video footage and you have no interest in being on camera ever

It's time for you to shine!

Let's get your videos polished and out into the world

Ready to get this show on the road? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch within a day or two.

Still have questions?

Check out the FAQ below or set up a FREE consult call to discuss your videos and how we might work together to make your process (and sanity) better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you assist with shooting video as well?

As an editor and animation expert, I am not a pro in video cameras or equipment. I do not work on location and shoot video. However, I can give you basic pointers for various things such as microphones, camera settings, framing and lighting set up.

What format do my videos need to be?

For the best video output, 1080 HD is the best resolution. You can set this on your camera or iphone before shooting. If your equipment is not capable of 1080HD, then 720 HD is the next best thing.

Will you edit out the pauses and slip ups from my videos?

Absolutely! If you are new to video and you find yourself doing a bunch of takes to get it just right, I can help you edit the best parts together. There are some limitations here based on the quality of the video you provide, but I always do my best with what is provided. Doing a couple takes for each video will give you practice and ensure enough footage to get a great edit.

Is there a limit to how much raw footage you’ll take? 

If you are new to shooting video, I would recommend recording your content twice - Each take will have golden parts and slip ups - I will find the best takes. Generally speaking, for a 10 minute video, I will accept up to 30 minutes of footage.

Do you provide music for the intro/outro?

Yes! If you don’t already have music picked out, I can search and provide you some options based on your preferences and brand. The additional cost to purchase the license for stock music is included in each package.

Can you fix the crappy audio on my video?

Unfortunately, there is very little I can do in the editing stage to fix low quality voiceover/narration recording. Volume can be adjusted; however, if you have poor mic feedback or low quality recording (ie. static or background “hum”) there is very little I can do to fix this. Good quality audio is a huge factor in audience satisfaction on YouTube - if you are recording a lot of video, a good quality lavalier microphone is by far the best investment.

How many rounds of revisions are included in each package?

For each video I offer ONE round of revisions. For the first round, you can go hog wild and ask for all the changes you like (please be prepared to have some of these requests vitto-ed if they are beyond the scope of YouTube production world) Once I have addressed and made these changes, you will have a chance to review and if I’ve missed anything you had asked for initially, I will address it as part of the package price - new requests are not allowed in this round.

You may request extra rounds of revisions for an additional cost.

**Please note I take extra care at the beginning of our journey together to understand your brand, your preferences and vision...but I cannot read minds so please don’t come into this project with an attitude of “I’ll know it’s right when I see it”

How are final video files delivered?

For all packages, you will also receive videos as stand alone files which you will have access to through a secure dropbox link. It is your responsibility to download the videos and store in a safe place.

For ongoing video editing, uploading the video to YouTube and other platforms is not included; however it is an add on service if you need this support.

Let's Get Your Videos Rolling!